• Adblue Emulator LF SCR Emulator V4 NOx

Adblue Emulator LF SCR Emulator V4 NOx

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Adblue Emulator LF SCR Emulator V4 NOx

Picture  Product Description If you want to install this emulator on DAF LF trucks it is highly recommended (in some cases it is necessary) to erase all current and stored DTC (data trouble code) errors from truck ECU (can be done on any DAF workshop that has DAF VCI 560 diagnostic tool). SCR Emulator V4 NOx is a latest version (4th generation) of SCR emulators. SCR Emulator V4 NOx allows you to override SCR system and NOx sensor on EURO 4, EURO 5 trucks made by Volvo, Iveco, MAN, Renault (DXi / Magnum), DAF XF and DAF LF with Grundfos. This version of SCR emulator was developed according to customer requests and previously scheduled improvements. Like all previous versions of SCR emulators this version overrides SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system completely, also it overrides NOx (nitrous oxide) sensor to avoid any related system malfunctions (engine management system or gearbox management system). In this way SCR Emulator V4 NOx cuts off DEF consumption safely so your truck will not lose any horsepower or torque and there will be no DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) errors in OBD (On-board diagnostics) system of the truck or limp mode activation on engine or gearbox management systems. SCR Emulator V4 NOx is a CAN (Controller Area Network) based device so you can install it very easy (we will provide install instructions for necessary truck type). Volvo version comes with standard SCR connector, just disconnect original SCR system connector and connect SCR Emulator V4 NOx, easiest installation.

SCR Emulator V4 NOx support list
  • DAF trucks (LF with Grundfos);
  • DAF trucks (XF);
  • MAN trucks;
  • Iveco;
  • Volvo;
  • Renault (DXi/Magnum);
SCR Emulator V4 NOx features
  • SCR Emulator V4 NOx emulates SCR system completely;
  • Emulates DEF fluid level sensor;
  • Emulates DEF fluid temperature sensor;
  • Emulates NOX sensor;
  • Emulates exhaust temperature sensor;
  • Emulates NOX sensor;
  • There will be no engine power loss;
  • No diagnostic errors at all on SCR module;
  • User friendly (easy to install and uninstall);
  • Saves your money, equipment and time;

Disclaimer and Trademark Acknowledgement

This item is intended for use in areas where AdBlue legislation is not in place or where Adblue legislation generally does not apply such as off road or racing. 
We take no responsibility if this device is fitted contrary to any applicable legislation.

Attention! AdBlue Emulator device usage is illegal in some countries, especially in countries of the European Union. You can buy and hold this device without any problems, but using it will cause higher exhaust gas emissions and of course your truck will not meet EURO 6, EURO 5 or EURO 4 ecological standards anymore (while AdBlue Emulator is connected and working properly) which are required in European Union. Our product is oriented to countries where there are no laws requiring EURO 4/5/6 ecological standards compliance. AdBlue Emulator allows you to reduce ecological standard of your truck by stopping DEF fluid supply system in the SCR catalyst, this is enough to save a lot of money on AdBlue fluid refills if you can use your truck without compliance with EURO 4/5/6 standards in your country. If you’ll buy this device you’ll take full responsibility for the use of the device and the associated consequences. It’s your personal decision to use AdBlue Emulator or not. We will not take any responsibility for any consequences associated with usage of AdBlue Emulator device. Keep in mind that SCR Emulators are not water resistant. You need to install them in dry area protected from humidity, DEF liquid or diesel fuel on your truck. Flooded devices are not covered by warranty.

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